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Ligne Roset Book Look


THE CONCEPT : Launched in 2009 and comprehensively augmented in 2016 and 2017 in terms of both functionality and variety of finishes, Book&Look now offers a number of innovations for 2019 which increase both its real and perceived quality and will further expand its possibilities. These innovations encompass the opening system for the doors, the addition of a niche in chests (living room items and sideboards), a new shelving unit, and more generally a significant expansion of the choice of finishes.
NEW ‘PUSH’ DOOR OPENING SYSTEM : The current ‘push’ system has been replaced with a new ‘push’ system of the same kind used for the Et Cetera range: a box with a magnetized pin located on the chest and a galvanized plate set into the door. This system will present less play over time, along with a more reliable method of adjustment (one tightens or loosens the pin). The new ‘push’ system works easily and cleanly : the door retains its central silicone pad, which offers gentle, quiet control when closing. The ‘push’ mechanism is light grey (for the white, argile or perle lacquer and ‘pack’ colour finishes) or black (for the plomb finish), to fall in line with standard colourways (and with the darker ‘pack’ colours).
NICHES: To enliven the fronts of the living room items and sideboards, a decorative, functional arrangement for the niches is proposed. These new niches may be located in chests designed to have 2, 3, 4 or 6 doors (all the possible positions can be seen on the following price pages). The interior of the niche remains in the same colour as that of the chest. Niches are equipped using the 5 following elements :
A 12 mm thick 20 mm aluminium frame located at the front of the niche to emphasise its contours. This may be finished in the 5 standard colours and the 12 ‘special’ colours. It is thus possible to specify the frame in the same colour as the chest, or to choose another toning or even contrasting colour. This frame is set at 2 mm from the structure to extend the shadow gap of the doors and render the side view of the unit more regular. The back panel of the niche, which remains visible, is lacquered as per the structure of the chest. It is also possible, as an option, to add a 2 mm back panel finished in one of the 16 ‘special’ lacquer colours on offer.
As an option, it is also possible to add an illuminated back panel. Available in one of the 17 ‘special’ lacquer colours, it offers indirect lighting via 4 hidden 3 mm LED strips along its edges. This illuminated back panel
is set at 12 mm from the actual back panel of the unit to optimise the halo effect of neutral white light (4000K) from the base of the niche. The 20 W transformer supplied will feed one or two illuminated back panels (7.2 W each). A glass shelf in 8 mm thick ‘cristal’ glass may also be added to the niche. A 3 mm thick aluminium shelf of remarkable slimness and elegance, finished in one of the 17 ‘special’ lacquer colours, is also available.
B5 SINGLE BOOKSHELF: this is 2/3 of the width of the C3 bookshelf.
DEVELOPMENTS IN TERMS OF FINISHES: To give almost total freedom in terms of finish across the range, the following extensions have been put in place. All structures may now be finished in plomb lacquer as standard. This enables the price to be kept down. The 17 ‘special’ colours may now be used on all shelving units (previously, only the C3 shelving unit offered that possibility), all chests (previously only available with the 105 x 105 and 52.5 x 100 chests), and all podium chests (matching interior). The walnut veneered door with fern-effect motif has been replaced by a door in our new natural varnished walnut, which is warmer and more vibrant, with a vertical grain.

Technical Specification

The wall shelf W 105 cm has 4 compartments. Internal height of compartments: 16.4 cm.




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